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Welcome to the Right Eye Training and Consulting.

We are a company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia engaged in training and consulting work. Our focus is on people development and corporate transformation.

This site was created as a way of us sharing our knowledge and experience as well as an avenue for companies and people to get to know us better. You will find updates on our activities and programmes as well as interesting tips, guidelines, info, book reviews and videos on training and consulting.

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Life Extra Ordinary

On today’s show, Reza Ali shares how he became involved in the training industry.

Life Extra Ordinary is a series of video interviews, talks, tips and sharings by The Right Eye Team.

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The Right Eye’s Reza Ali invited to speak at Money and You Instructor’s Training Program

I was recently asked to give a half day talk to participants of the Money and You Instructor’s Training Program held recently in Kuala Lumpur between 19-23 October 200.

Money and You is part of a suite of revolutionary training programs that I attended in 2004 and serves as a basis of many of my life principles, the other being the Business School Of Entrepeneurs (BSE) and the ITP Itself. All these programs are conducted and organised by Excellerated.com and is chiefly promoted by Excellerated’s founder and CEO, DC Cordova. Read more…

The Right Eye Team invited to design and manage event

Strictly speaking, event management is not one of our activities. Because we set such a high standard of excellence for our own training events, our clients would sometimes ask us to support them in designing and managing their internal events. It is a welcome change from training events and keeps us on our toes. Our training events are quite systemised and comes from hours and days of refining and correcting. Conducting one off events requires us to reinvent and be creative in a short space of time.

Our most recent event was the PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) graduation ceremony for the Business Leaders Programme (BLP) held at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur on 26 Oct 2010. The event was attended by senior member of PDB management, participants of the BLP Programme as well as participants of the MyPDB Programme (a programme designed for new PDB staff) as well as representatives from the PETRONAS Management Training Center (PERMATA). All told, there were about 100 guests.

The event was a resounding success due to the excellent partnership between the Right Eye Team and PDB’s Human Resources Division and we hope for more such partnership in the future.

Reza Ali

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The Sense of Purpose

Have you ever asked been asked the question ‘Why Are You Here’? This is the very first question I would ask all the Learners in the Me & My Life Programme when they walk into the seminar room for the very first time. Its an important question that doesn’t get asked enough.

I set the following scene at every training seminar that we have,

‘Imagine a person sleeping on a bed.

Imagine this person waking up in the morning.

Imagine this person get ready for work.

Imagine this person having a quick breakfast before getting into the car to rush to work.

Imagine this person arriving at work.

Imagine this person settling down at the workstation, checking email and preparing for meetings.

Imagine this person taking a lunch break.

Imagine this person coming back for lunch, settling down at the workstation, checking email and preparing for meetings.

Imagine this person leaving the workplace, getting into the car to rush home.

Imagine this person arriving at home.

Imagine this person settling down in front of the TV waiting to have dinner.

Imagine this person having dinner with the family.

Imagine this person spending time with the family after dinner.

Imagine this person getting ready for bed.

Imagine this person trying to go to sleep.

Imagine this person waking up in the morning’.

And then I asked how many of my Learners feel that this describes their life. Without fail, everyone will raise their hands. And finally I would ask how many of them have, in despair, asked themselves ‘Is this it? Isn’t there more to my life more than this’? and again everyone would raise their hands.

That life that I described earlier was my life. I’ve asked myself the same questions too. I think a lot of people ask this question with (almost always) a sense of despair. Read more…

Tips on Teambuilding

Tip #1

Since I started training 6 years ago, I have conducted countless numbers of teambuilding training. Indoor, outdoor, 1 day, 2 days, at hotels and resorts, at office premises. Companies in Malaysia big and small recognize the importance of team building.

The major issue that any company organizers (client) would raise is how to make sure that the money spent on organizing these team building trainings can be translated to actual improvements at the workplace.

Sadly, people seem to be missing the point of how to make a team effective at the workplace. 2 main factors would play a role in how the spirit and energy that is created at team building training can be maintained at the workplace even months after. Read more…

I Remember….

I remember in one of the Me & My Life Programme session, there was a particularly hostile Learner within the audience. The first 1 hour of any programme that I conduct is devoted to contextualisation or setting the scene. Throughout the entire session, this gentlemen was making snide remarks at any available opportunity. It was as if he had something to say about everything I was sharing. It soon became pretty obvious that he didn’t want to be at the session.

Corporate programmes differ from public programmes in 1 critical aspect and that is the fact that people who get sent to corporate programmes by their company usually do not want to attend the programme and so their behaviour is very different from those who pay their hard earned money to attend. Read more…